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The reason behind English literature being the most popular among the literature of all other languages is its acceptability and accessibility and also its depth and vivid shades. Today, in every part of the world, English literature is pursued as a course, as an interest and for a deep study of life because giant figures like Shakespeare, T. S. Eliot, Dickens, and many others have presented various colours of life through their volumes of works. In India, the enthusiasm for English and its literature is very high. For obvious reasons, we all understand why it becomes important. Nevertheless, the lack of engaging portals and platforms make it a little difficult for the interested candidates who want to share their thoughts with other enthusiastic fellows… The students cannot directly engage with the professors of universities or even colleges other than the ones in which they are enrolled. They cannot even interact with the students of other colleges and universities except the rare cases of acquaintance.

A platform has recently been launched to address this very important issue. You can take a look here – English Literature Forum. On this platform, direct interaction between students, teachers, professors, enthusiasts and people interested in English literature has been made possible. This is an online forum which works on mobile, tablets, laptops and computers. You can use this forum by registering yourself. Once you are registered on the forum for English literature, you can ask questions, answer them and participate in the discussions which regularly happen on the platform.

This online discussion board has been established with a purpose to serve the interests of the students of English literature and make a meaningful dialogue possible remotely. Moreover, it can also be helpful for them because they can directly ask their questions to the professors and scholars who are registered as the experts on the platform. It becomes easy to understand an idea of a theory when different people share their opinions. One can pick the best among those and make his or her own definition and assumptions after realising and verifying the facts.

The literature forum has been established by Alok Mishra, one of the most popular book critics in India and also a literary influencer in the country at present. Like all his past ventures dedicated to the literary interest, this is also an entirely free venture and he has hopes that it will be very useful and meaningful for the people with a shared literary interest. The platform has been launched on 5 September for the public registration and because the registration process has been precisely designed for the English literature enthusiasts, there is very scanty possibility of unwanted people appearing on the platform.

If you are also looking for a board to discuss your literary ideas, you must register with the forum for English literature. All the best!


by Saurabh for Indian Book Critics

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