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Critics' Choice of the Month Indian Book Critics

Dear readers, things should keep improving! We are improving too. Your experience with Indian Book Critics will improve. We have brought a few good updates that you will certainly love.

We take this opportunity to thank all the beloved readers of Indian Book Critics for their continuous appreciation and support extended to us. Without your love and co-operation, it would have been really difficult for us to serve you diligently. It gives us a sense of satisfaction seeing that we are honestly and sincerely fulfilling the purpose for which we have founded IBC – to make your reading experience better with the quality literature. We spend countless hours reading and scrutinizing the books to offer you the best. We didn’t tend to persuade you about the choice of books. Our aim is to bring out the finest pearls from the ocean of literature. So that you can better understand the nature, profundity and beauty of the literature. We also tell you about the literature that is not right for you and you should generally leave it.

As the corona induced pandemic has changed many things including the way we see and do things and also opened novel opportunities, we too have made some changes in our structure, design and plans to offer you more friendly experience and advanced feature(s). And when we say advanced feature(s), we mean we have introduced an interesting feature that would certainly enhance your knowledge of literature and increase your curiosity to explore more of it. Can you guess what this new feature is?

Critics’ Choice Book of the Month: As the title of the feature says it aloud, it will be regardless of the genre and language (Indian language only). Of course, this demands more of everything – our time, energy and efforts. And we are happily ready for anything that will be in the interest of our readers. For us, our readers matter the most. The primary reason for introducing this feature is quite simple. We just want to treat our readers differently, with some unique choices. The book we select as the Critics’ Choice Book of the Month will be Indian Book Critics’ ultimate choice of the month that we will recommend to our readers. Based on our extensive reading experience, understanding of the literature, thorough analysis, relevance and usefulness of the book in the present context, we will pick up a book and write a detailed review on it. The review will focus on the nuances of all the essential elements of the book. In addition to it, we will also try to get in touch with the author of the book so that, other than the book, the readers can also learn about the author, his philosophy of writing and why has he written this book. Isn’t it so exciting already?

We hope that your experience at Indian Book Critics (assuming we are a virtual station for book recommendations and decision making) will keep getting better and better with time. Do keep checking our website every day because we are gearing up for regular and timely updates, more and more book reviews and also bringing new features and surprises for you time to time. With this, time for us to bring to you the first Critics’ Choice of the Month, for July 2020, at the earliest. We hope that you will like the book we feature and surely read it.

For now, that’s it, dear readers. We will get back with new updates as soon as we decide to bring other features and changes to our site. All the best! Keep reading!

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