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We have been active for more than two years now. In fact, to be precise, we have spent 2 years and 3 months online and have produced many book reviews in this period. However, now, when we analyse, we are sure that we need to do more than what we have been doing until now. Just reading books and posting their reviews are not enough. We have too much to do – too much to offer to the readers and we will do that now. So, in the coming days, you are going to see many changes on Indian Book Critics. We are planning to bring monthly, daily and weekly special coverage of books:

Daily Surprise Review

Weekly Classic Review

Book of the Month

Author of the Month

We hope that these features will be liked by our readers at Indian Book Critics. We have always wanted to make book reviews simple and straight. We tell the readers what we like in the book and what could be better in the book. And the same flow will be seen in our future articles at large. These new feature articles will be written by our literary critics and experts. Many books are being published these days in India and across the world and so we thought to do something in this direction and increase our rate of production. We will try to get in synchronisation with many a best self-publishing company in India and offer them our assistance in reviewing the books for them. So, if you are a publisher, do check whether our reviewers are waiting for your books because we are going to have more and more reviews on Indian Book Critics now.

And guys, on this Teachers’ Day in India, we would like to thank all our teachers who made it possible for us to be the people we are! We will never forget their valuable contributions in our life, into our being and directly affecting our making and growing intellectually and socially. See you around, people!

Yes, before we sign off, there is one more thing that we would like to share with you guys. Please do subscribe to our reading list so that we can send the best book recommendations and expert critical opinions directly into your inbox. To our book enthusiast friends, we send about 3-4 emails a month and we don’t annoy them! Are you supporting our mission, guys? Please find the subscription box on the right side of your screen on IBC website and enter your email and just hit get me in button. All the best, dear readers!


by team IBC

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