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Hello, dear readers! Welcome to a new experience at Indian Book Critics! We have started a YouTube channel as an extension to our existing platform. Now, we will be doing video reviews and literary discussions relating to books, authors and literature on YouTube as well. You can watch all our stuff by visiting the channel. We are pretty sure that you will love the initiative and you will also subscribe our channel because the content we create will be awesome, let us assure you! Are you ready for the new ride, readers?

What will we be doing there?
Well, that’s YouTube and we are just looking to unleash our creative and critical minds on that platform! You will find us examining the tats and bats of a book. You will find us debugging an author. You will find us discussing a particular literary trend. You will see us debating a literary point. You will see us talking to authors and poets.

How frequently do we do a video?
Well, that depends! We are not one of those who just upload videos every next night. We take our time in grooming what we produce – thinking of a theme, refining our research and then finally doing a video – and then only we bring that up. So, you can be assured of the finest stuff on Indian Book Critics YouTube channel.

So, see you there! Where? Did you ask that? Here:


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