My true angel review

My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala – review

Book: My True Angel Author: Irshad Thalakala Publisher: Invincible Publishers Year: 2018 Pages: 216 Reviewed by – A contributor to Indian Book Critics Rating – ****  4/5 stars How would…
American Maharajah book review

American Maharajah – review

The novel American Maharajah is the second book by author Mark Stephen Levy who seems to be a very ardent traveller always ready with his backpack tied on his back.…
Little Maryam book review

Little Maryam by Hamid Baig – review

Little Maryam is the debut novel by an author who looks quite promising and creatively crafty, Hamid Baig. The novel has been released on the republic day this year, 26th…
Narcopolis book review

Narcopolis by Thayil – review

Narcopolis is a 2012 novel written by famous Indian poet and novelist Jeet Thayil. The novelist has selected the time of the 1970s for his novel, the debut novel as…
One Indian Girl review

One Indian Girl – review

Chetan Bhagat’s last novel (perhaps) One Indian Girl has been peddled as ‘a handbook for feminists’ and ‘an improvement over Half-girlfriend’ and so on and so forth. Real readers, however,…
Hard Times book critics

Hard Times by Dickens

Charles Dickens, even after his death and so many years gone, still continues to be one of the best-selling novelists partly because of the inclusion of his books in the…
The Great Gatsby Review book

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, published in 1925 and authored by one of the most appreciated novelists of the twentieth century – F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel which recounts a love…
with you without you review critics

With You; Without You – book review

Author Prabhat Ranjan’s debut in the world of Hindi fiction writing has been tremendous because he has been received warmly into the fraternity of the writers and also the readers…