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Shilpa Raj Author

If you are into reading and writing, you must be well-aware of a name – Shilpa Raj. Shilpa has become the instant mouthpiece of millions of persons like her who come from a humble background which is lacking in most of the terms and go on to achieve something big in their lives. Shilpa’s achievement is her recognition which he has fetched for herself through her debut work The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. Struggling for her life through a big part of her childhood, and later struggling for a balance between the two lives that she lived, Shilpa Raj’s life was not designed for this achievement unless she was determined and worked hard; which she did and the result is in front of the world. Her writing skills as an author are being admired by the well-known names not only in India but also in the major nations with a taste for literature.

Shilpa is rather a revolutionary with thoughts than a writer in the simple terms. She writes with a certain mechanism of thoughts and she inspires us to think in a definite direction and her debut book highlights the points where we need (much-needed) to improve as a society and what we need as individuals to move ahead in our personal life. And a great reason behind Shilpa’s success as an author is the same – she writes with a purpose and her purpose is not only to give the readers something worth to read but also to offer the readers some points for consideration and some moments of pondering.

After the success of her debut memoir, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, Shilpa has thought of writing a book which would help children and youth in the early days of their schooling. She says:

“Another piece of work that I’d like to spend time on is a manual that contains a set of detailed and scientifically supported principles and rules by which children may be guided in schools at multiple interrelated levels — academic, social, cultural, psychological and emotional. Through my own personal experiences as a child who grew up in Shanti Bhavan and now through the perspective of a psychologist, I want to evaluate, assess and contemplate on the methods of upbringing children in a holistic manner and instil in them a wholesome sense of personal self-worth, confidence, ambition and most importantly, positive emotional wellness.”

And one can see the confidence and the sense of urgency to do something for the children who might suffer. Shilpa has seen the life and had several close-shaves too and she understands very well what the children of the day need. And that’s why we might see her second work in the same direction.

The success of Shilpa Raj as an author also shows us the real taste of literature that most of the readers do possess. The readers don’t only want to read the books which merely entertain them; they also want serious stuff and Shilpa has done exactly the same. We hope to see another one from her in the same vigour and with the same seriousness and a sense of the purpose of the book.

You can explore more about Shilpa Raj on her personal website:

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